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Fancy Feature Friday: Tags in Teams

, • Sep 17, 2021

Using Tags in Teams

Fancy Feature Friday: Tags in Teams

Working via Channels is great, but conversations, messages, and pinging can get overwhelming when many people are in a single channel.

Use Tags in Teams to call out a specific group of people rather than @ all of them while still utilizing the Channel. It’s an excellent way to keep the conversation organized by keeping it in the Channel where it should be, but it saves everyone time by grabbing the attention of the exact people.

How Do You Find Tags?

  • When in Teams, select the Channel you would like to create a tag under.
  • On the right side of the Channel name, click on the three dots to reveal the dropdown.
  • Select “Manage Tags.”
  • When adding a Tag, you can choose a Name for the tag, add the exact people you need in the tag, and then hit “Create.” Easy!

What If I Don’t Want Team Members Creating Tags?

If you want to keep tag creation at a leadership level, you can put security parameters in place in Teams.

  • Again, select the Channel you would like to manage.
  • Click on those three dots.
  • Choose “Member Permissions” and lock many features. Or in the Tag dropdown, you can select who you would like to allow (or not allow) the ability to create tags.

How Do I Use the Tag?

Just like any other “@” function within Teams, if you want to grab the attention of the people in that specific group or tag, simply use the @TAGNAME, and the people in the group will be notified.

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