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New Features for Dynamics GP in 18.4 Release

New Features for Dynamics GP in 18.4 Release

It’s time for the October 2021 release, so let’s dig into all of the new features for Dynamics GP in 18.4. The timing is always exciting since we’ll be getting together at SummitNA in Houston the week of October 11.

Before we dive in, if you are attending SummitNA and have any specific questions about anything mentioned here or any other issues you might need resolved, Jo deRuiter of Aisling Dynamics will be at the GP Medic Desk to help find the solution! The GP Medic Desk’s complementary problem-solving is just one of the many perks SummitNA offers.

But on to the deets of the release!

According to Terry Heley, Sr. Escalation Engineer at Microsoft, there were three primary considerations for the features chosen. They center around ease of use, customer requests, and whether they would extend functionality. You can find the schedule in the link above, but to keep with the theme of ease of use, here’s a complete list of the upcoming schedule:


October 5: Scroll Through Account Segments
October 6: Default Inquiry Sort Options (Receivables, Payables, Bank Reconciliation)
October 7: Payables 1099 Default to Single Feed
October 12: Payables 1096 form print email address
October 13: Update Account Descriptions using Mass Modify
October 14: Summary Post Accounts Receivables Cash Receipt through Bank Reconciliation


October 19: Sales Order Processing GOTO
October 20: Save Filter Settings for All-In-One
October 21: Project code Modifier (Project and Contract Number also Project, Contract and Cost Category ID)


October 26: Workflow Automation for Workflow Batches (GL, AR, PM)
October 27: Workflow Approver Count
October 28: Workflow Carbon Copy delete option

Human Resources and Payroll

November 2: Payroll Transaction entry Defaults saved in batch
November 3: Excel Copy and Paste Payroll Transactions
November 4: Mask Employee Social Security Number on W2
November 9: Safepay File pull name of employee from check

That’s quite a list with lots of yummy goodies in it! Let’s hit a couple more highlights.

Things to Know

Simplicity is best! We’re glad to see that new registration keys will not be needed to take clients into this new release, allowing everyone to take advantage of these new features quickly.

There is one caveat, though. If you’re currently on a much older version of Dynamics GP, you will need to upgrade before taking advantage of the newest features. Of course, many additional features were added in previous releases of Dynamics GP 2018, so if you’re not there yet but see value in any of the features listed above, let’s chat through what it would look like to bring your Dynamics GP up-to-date.

Decide Which Features Are Next to Come!

As a Dynamics GP user, did you know that you can help decide which features get top priority for the release? That’s pretty incredible. If you want to see what features are up for consideration, you can read through them and vote for your preferred ones here.

Keep an eye out! We’ll update this blog to include the TL;DR summaries under their listings above as these features roll out. That way, you can have all of the top information available in one place with additional resources should you want to dig in a bit deeper.

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