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SummitNA Agenda Planning?

If you’re in the middle of your SummitNA agenda planning, you won’t want to forget about these!

We know that the agenda can be crazy overwhelming with so many sessions and tracks, but we have the perfect day-by-day itemization for you! And they happen to feature our own Jo deRuiter. Each session allow notes whether it will be broadcasted, so anyone attending virtually (it’s not too late to register for a virtual pass!) can see us there. Now on to your quick-list for the best of SummitNA agenda planning!

Hot Tip! Bookmark this page, so you’ll have an easy reference while at the event!

Tuesday, October 12th

Let’s Play GP Jeopardy!

Time: 2:00 PM – 2:50 PM CDT
Location: GRBC – Third Floor, 352DEF
Broadcasted: Yes

Key Takeaways:
1) In a fun environment, play a live game of Jeopardy using only topics relevant to Dynamics GP
2) Attendees will have a chance to have some fun and learn at the SAME time
3) Teams will be picked and fun will be had by all
4) All aspects of GP will be asked from beginner to advanced
5) Prizes given to winner!

Using Dynamics GP in the 21st Century

Time: 3:00 PM – 3:50 PM CDT
Location: GRBC – Third Floor, 352DEF
Broadcasted: Yes

Description: A panel discussing various ideas on how to bring GP to the 21st Century including API Integrations from online applications, reporting in the cloud, remote working capabilities, AP and other automation, utilizing Power Apps and Flow along with Power BI with Dynamics GP

Wednesday, October 13

Best Practices for Setting Up Fixed Assets in GP

Time: 9:30 AM – 10:20 AM CDT
Location: GRBC – Third Floor, 342F
Broadcast: No

Key Takeaways:
Learn how best to configure Fixed Assets in GP for –
– Better Reporting for FA
– Better and faster processing of FA
– More reliable record keeping of FA
– Tips and tricks for understanding your FA Data and why things happen the way they do in that module

The Right Reporting Tool for the Job

Time: 10:30 AM – 11:20 AM CDT
Location: GRBC – Third Floor, 352DEF
Broadcast: No

Key Takeaways:
1) There are MULTIPLE ways of reporting in GP, but like all tools, there is a right one for each job
2) This presentation discusses each of the out-of-the-box options along with recommendations as to the TYPE of report that should be utilized for each type of reporting request or need
3) We’ll go through several what-if scenarios on reporting to determine the best way to find the right tool within GP and SSRS/MR

Field Service in GP – Out-of-the-Box

Time: 11:30 AM – 12:20 PM CDT
Location: GRBC – Third Floor, 342E
Broadcast: Yes

This session focuses on how to utilize Field Service in GP, the various modules contained in FS, including Returns Management, along with some discussion around the reporting capabilities and automation in Field Service. It will also feature just how you can utilize GP’s Field Service easily for technicians outside of your company’s network and infrastructure.

Thursday, October 14

The 5-Star GP Administration Presentation

Time: 10:00AM – 10:50 AM CDT
Location: GRBC – Third Floor, 342E
Broadcasted: Yes

Key Takeaways:
Learn the many aspects of a normal GP Admins position along with –
– Tips and tricks for enhancing ability to do the job
– Tips and tricks for what Microsoft recommends for installing and maintaining GP databases and SQL
– Other tips and tricks to do with expediting service requests from users

Project Accounting in Dynamics GP: How the Configuration Options Affect Your Processing

Time: 11:00 AM – 11:50 AM CDT
Location: GRBC – Third Floor, 342F
Broadcasted: Yes

This session will focus on the various configurations in Project Accounting and how they affect which accounts are used in processing, how a transaction flows through accounting, when it will hit the P&L vs the WIP Accounts. It will also cover the various transaction types, how to configure for costs vs profits, and how to utilize the system for non-sales project tracking.

GP Shootout: Fast Tips and Tricks to Share with Your Team!

Time: 2:10 PM – 3:00 PM CDT
Location: GRBC – Third Floor, 342F
Broadcasted: Yes

Join several GPUG All*Stars as they demonstrate the best NEW tips and tricks of 2021! They will compete for your votes to solve nagging issues, speed up processing, and clear those financial headaches away! A follow-up guide with step-by-step instructions to complete the setup necessary for any tips will be provided to attendees. Attend this action-packed session so you don’t miss out on having your voice hear – which tips are YOUR favorites?

Curious about what else will be at SummitNA? Find the full agenda here. Can’t wait to see everyone! And if you’re attending virtually, instead of in-person, join us on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook and give us a shoutout if you’re attending!