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A Modern Disaster Recovery Approach

, • Sep 7, 2021

White Paper Below

Downtime Has BIG Costs

Ransomware attacks have hit news headlines, again and again, this past year. Of course, the targets are no longer just big business, and the consequences of a down network are costly.

As attacks shift and become more advanced, companies must stay ahead of the trends or risk financial loss and credibility.

Plan with an Expert

Not all cloud services are made the same, and there are many options available for Microsoft Dynamics Users. Leverage a Dynamics expert to help navigate the jargon and find the perfect fit. The white paper below builds an excellent framework for understanding the trends in cloud-hosting and the subsequent need for tight disaster recovery plans. Because if an event should happen, it is crucial to have pro-active advocates who will get you back into your systems quickly.

White Paper Discussing Modern Disaster Recovery

Read highlights about the value of a modern approach to data protection encompassing the following capabilities: Backup automation, disk and flash over tape, elimination of redundant data snapshotting, virtualization, software-defined storage, analytics, hybrid architectures and a common platform to unify, centralize and simplify Disaster Recovery (DR) operations.

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