Nodus Credit Card Advantage

With Nodus Credit Card Advantage you can integrate credit card processing and ACH/eCheck processing into your Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Features/Benefits of Nodus Credit Card Advantage

Certified Credit Card Processing

  • Prevents fraud and protects your business as the first VISA PA-DSS certified payment processing solution for Microsoft Dynamics GP
  • Offers seamless security features that give you true peace of mind. 
  • Provides the highest level of security from payment entry to payment storage, reducing the PCI range for your business

Flexible Storage & Effective Data Processing 

  • Three available options for storing payment data including DSS, Payment Gateway, and PayFabric Cloud, with each providing the highest level of security
  • Capabilities to automate and meet any processing needs saving significant time and labor

Level 2 & 3 Processing

  • Supports Level 2 and 3 transactions to accept business, corporate, and purchase cards without downgrading them
  • Handles interchange fees, and ensures all of the required data fields for these transactions are submitted to the payment gateway preventing downgrades, reducing transaction fees, saving you money

Improve Accuracy, Efficiency & More

  • Integrates with Microsoft Dynamics GP and eliminates duplicate payment entries between systems, removing human error
  • Automatically updates expired credit cards to prevent payment delays and reducing collection issues with merchants and increasing customer retention
  • Prevents hackers from stealing sensitive data and reduces PCI compliance audits with P2PE
  • Empower your accounting team with payment processing solutions to give access to all of your terminal data and supports swipe, key-entry, and EMV

Reasons To Make A Switch From Current Systems

Improved accuracy and streamlined payment of sales invoices by credit card while processing electronic transactions in real-time within Dynamics GP

Protects your business with Fraud Prevention through AVS/Zip/CVC validation

Give customers full control of their credit card data with One-click PayLink*

Protect company computers from sensitive credit card details using a Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) keypad for credit card entry

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