Mekorma MICR (Payment Hub)

The Mekorma Payment Hub is a robust platform for managing the entirety of payment processing. What makes Payment Hub so unique is its Action Board. With it, all of the various processes needed for payments like building payment batches, approving, printing, posting, etc, can be done in one place. 

With Payment Hub, all of your GP companies and checkbooks are accessible. This means you’ll never have to manually log in and out of different companies.

Features/Benefits of Mekorma MICR (Payment Hub)

Build Payment Batches Automatically

  • Batches are created by the system, across companies, according to payment rules you define. These payment rules are stored so you can apply them repeatedly

Workflow Payment Approvals

  • Whenever approval is needed on payment batches, designated users can be notified automatically

Simplified Printing & Posting

  • Print/ process and post payments in one or more companies with one-click. Payments will print with automated signatures you have configured

The Check Configurator

  • Quickly and accurately create checks based on how you need them to work. This includes enhanced security related to automatic signatures and custom fields on your checks. The configurator is easier and more secure than other available tools for check configuration

Other Notable Features

  • Customize automated procedures based on your preferences
  • Binary Stream MEM connector allows you to use this for your company even if you have MEM installed.
  • Mekorma’s customizable workflow is integrated, so that designated users must perform approvals before payments can be sent.

Reasons To Make A Switch From Current Systems

Streamlined payment process even if you have multiple GP database-companies.

Security adds signatures based on workflow and security to checks. You can also place rules on check formats for the use of custom icons and logos.

Place rules on check formats for the use of custom icons and logos

Generate EFTs & SafePay files automatically

What Our Clients Say