Panatracker for GP

Panatracker for GP provides inventory & asset tracking solutions and adds mobile and barcode technologies to help business streamline their operations. While it is exclusive to Microsoft Dynamics GP, it is the premier inventory and asset tracking system on the market.

Features/Benefits of Panatracker for GP

Single Source of Inventory and Asset Truth

  • Eliminate data duplication and frustrations related to system synchronization by keeping GP as the single source of inventory and asset truth
  • Implement solutions promptly and affordably
  • Flexible hosting allows for implementation on-premise or in a hosted environment

Tons of Configuration Settings Available

  • Packed with featured and flexibility tailored to your specific needs
  • User Interface is easily configured to match the data you need to capture
  • Easily administer the system, add users, view configured devices, and manage your workflow through your browser-based dashboard
  • All transaction activity is thoroughly logged allowing you to produce valuable performance and audit reports

Powerful Extensibility Options

  • Start simple and make use of powerful extensibility options later on
  • Flex Fields allow user-definable fields for each transaction. 
  • Automated emails notify your team of any transaction issues so you can act fast. You can also set up notifications for over-receipt activity, short picks, or asset updates.
  • The infrastructure allows customization with pre and post-procedures through Transaction Hooks
  • Advanced Barcode Parsing Logic parses the barcode to streamline data capture when items arrive with a composite barcode that contains more than just the item number

Reasons To Make A Switch From Current Systems

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