EthoTech Commission Plan

Does your company rely on in-house systems built in Excel to manage variable payments like commissions, rebates, royalties, bonuses, and SPIFFS? These are vital business processes but require tremendous amounts of time, manpower, and often result in expensive errors.

Now you can save time and money while providing error-free tracking, calculation, reporting, and payments with Commission Plan.

Features/Benefits of Commission Plan

Fast, Accurate, Centralized Reporting

  • Quickly Calculate, track, and process your variable compensation payments with a simplified process
  • Error-free reporting that eliminates time-consuming, manual processes
  • A Centralized location for all of your data so you can better plan for the future

Other Notable Features 

  • Variable rates for various salespeople, customers, & products
  • Automate commissions based on sale, margin, quantity, sales quotas, margin quotas, or tier-based sliding scales
  • Split commissions between reps 
  • Track reductions concerning discounts, write-offs, & aging invoices
  • Release commissions when the invoice is posted or paid based on Salesperson
  • Pay automatically through Dynamics GP G/L, Payables, and U.S. Payroll modules
  • Create accrual transactions
  • Automate email commission reports for managerial review & distribute to individual team members

Why Switch From Your Current Systems?

Specifically designed for businesses that need variable compensation management, Commission Plan can handle the various complexities of your company

Eliminate tracking and entering complex commissions in Excel with simplified, accurate, and automated commissions and royalty payments

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