Rockton Auditor

Rockton Auditor is an easy-to-use tool for data-change management. While it seems simple on the surface, Rockton Auditor packs robust capabilities.

Most users purchase Auditor for fraud prevention. However, it provides other critical benefits for tracking data changes with exceptional customization features and flexibility. Auditor provides added protection for data integrity, aids in compliance audits under industry regulations, and more.

Features/Benefits of Rockton Auditor

Flexible Setup & Tracking Options

  • Determine your needed level and type of tracking in Microsoft Dynamics GP or at the SQL database level. 
  • You can even choose to be notified by email when changes happen. E-Sign is built into Auditor for an extra layer of security if you want to require users to obtain supervisory authorization before changing data.

Better Integration Solutions

  • Integrates with SmartList and 3rd Party Products
  • Integrates with SmartList and all other third-party products allowing you to quickly sort, filter, and report on all of your audits.

Other Notable Features

  • Intuitive interface allows you to quickly create audits
  • Compatible with Dynamics GP system, at the SQL database level, and with any 3rd party products
  • Use built-in electronic signatures to ensure changes are authorized
  • Track changes data at the table or screen level
  • Require users to write a note of explanation for changes


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