eOne SmartConnect

SmartConnect is the most robust toolset for integration specific to Dynamics 365, NAV, CRM, GP, Salesforce, and so many more. With SmartConnect, you can now handle complex integration requirements and deliver integrations in the cloud or on-premise.

Are you transacting on a website? Use API connectors, pull information from one database, and insert it to another and back. Now you have the power to update custom software from information from your API, such as paid check numbers and more!

Features/Benefits of eOne SmartConnect

Easily Manage Connections to your Systems, Files, Cloud Apps, and Databases.

  • Once the connection is set up, the intuitive SmartConnect interface syncs the right data to ensure your data is current and consistent.


 Data from Any Source

  • With SmartConnect, you can connect to data in your systems, files, databases, and via web services from both on-premises and cloud applications.

Data from Multiple Sources

  • Now there is no need for a staging table. This eliminates the need for having part of your data in one source and needing to complement it with data from another source.
  • The multi-data source connector gives you the power to pull from multiple sources, apply restrictions, filter, and compare data before running integrations.

Real-Time Data Sources

  • Define real-time data sources for Dynamics 365 (Sales, Customer Service, Field Service, Project Service Apps), Dynamics CRM, Dynamics NAV, Dynamics GP, Microsoft SQL, and Salesforce.
  • SmartConnect gives you the ability to define your criteria and what data will become your real-time data source.
  • When the criteria are met, SmartConnect gives you the ability to trigger one or multiple integration maps to run based on the real-time data source.

Other Notable Features

  • Integrate anywhere.
  • Import/Export to a variety of destinations.
  • Transformations to save formatting time.
  • Schedule integration maps to fit your needs.
  • Use scripting based on your wants/needs
  • Call the SmartConnect Web Service to run a map from any application.

Reasons To Make A Switch From Current Systems

SmartConnect is a robust tool that can transform your accounting processes and tremendously streamline more accurate data entry.

SmartConnect is the most affordable and easy to use tool for integrating and is specifically calls the correct procedures for integrating data into ERP systems.

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