Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management

Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations is now two separate applications: 365 Supply Chain Management & 365 Finance.

Their division offers users more flexibility to adopt the capabilities they need when you need them. Learn more about the unique benefits of 365 Supply Chaing Management below.

Features/Benefits of 365 Supply Chain Management

Resolve Quality Issues & Expedite Time to Market

  • Centrally managing product information gives you a competitive advantage
  • Meet changing customer needs and lower product innovation costs by reusing configured products
  • Seamlessly manage product revisions and respond to customer specification changes to ensure compliance and on-time delivery
  • Resolve product quality issues with engineering change management to ensure productions lines stay running

Agile Planning Fulfills Customer Demand

  • Rightsize product levels based on customer demand and capacity constraints to improve inventory turns
  • In-memory services allow you to plan supply and distribution throughout the day in near real-time
  • AI-enriched demand forecasting and streamlined sales & operations planning ensures on-time delivery without overstocking
  • Optimize resource scheduling while minimizing overtime and improving equipment utilization




Optimized Inventory & Logistics

  • Streamline production and fulfillment, optimize inventory, and reduce overstocking/stock-outs by delivering cross-channel inventory visibility in real-time
  • Globally streamline cost-management policies and perform cost analysis in real-time
  • Optimize capacity, layout, and flow of goods with warehouse-process heatmaps and workflows


365 Supply Chain Management will help you optimize your resource planning, adapt to changing business models, and ensure business continuity while staying profitable

Real-time inventory visibility and intelligent distributed order management help you make better decisions while maintenance solutions reduce equipment downtime and improve OOE

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