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Much like our technical consultants, our functional consultants are all Senior-Level and beyond as well.  They, too, must pass multiple tests in order to work for our clients and are required to keep their education up-to-date.  This means they will always answer your questions and concerns accurately and efficiently.

Our functional consultants must also either be prior accountants or have accounting degrees and must all pass an accounting and business analyst test before even being interviewed by our team.  This means that when you speak with us about designing your business processes in conjunction with your business applications and accounting processes, we have the knowledge to respond with accuracy, integrity and forth-rightness.  We will ensure you are moving in the right direction.

Our functional consultants are also kept educated on multiple solutions for business needs and we will discuss, in-depth, what the gaps in your processes are so that we can help you decide on other applications that are neither too much nor not enough of what you need.  This will save you money, time, and frustration.

What To Expect / Our Process

New clients are on-boarded as thoroughly as our consulting team. You can expect an initial discovery call where we get to know what you use, when you use it and why you use it. We discuss the gaps in your processes and your frustrations and will advise you in the right direction. We discover how you need to consume the data you have and speak openly and plainly about your needs. We carefully select any product or consultant to exactly match your needs at the time you need them saving you money, time, and frustration with the technical consulting aspects of your operations.

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Why Switch From Your Current Systems?

Our consultants are kept trained and educated on the latest technologies and advancements in their field of specialty. They must pass rigorous testing to ensure their knowledge extant and is kept up to date.

What does this mean to you?

Unlike many other partners, we focus primarily on ensuring our clients’ success. That means no junior consultant or technical consultant will ever be utilized to troubleshoot your business process improvement needs or accounting issues, which means fewer headaches for you, less expense, and less time managing the situation yourself.

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What Our Clients Say