Business Central

Dynamics 365 Business Central is the newest cloud-based ERP software for financial and supply chain management from Microsoft. With configurable workflow tools and built-in dashboards, Business Central helps eliminate manual tasks and provides real-time access to performance metrics. The cloud platform enables executives the ability to better manage their sales, financials, and supply chain anytime, anywhere.


  • Increase in financial visibility
  • Optimize your supply chain
  • Boost sales and improve service
  • Deliver projects on time and under budget
  • Make informed decisions
  • View charts and reports in real-time
  • Accelerate financial closing and reporting
  • Track financial performance

Dynamics GP

GP goes beyond the traditional limitation of accounting software to provide greater control over financials, inventory, and operation. Microsoft Dynamics GP is the top management solution for small and medium-sized businesses and offers flexible, configurable, and scalable solutions that you can leverage from the start.


  • Financial Management and Accounting
  • Inventory Operations and Management
  • Sales and Service
  • Human Resources and Payroll
  • Business Intelligence and Reporting

Dynamics 365 Finance

Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations is now two separate applications: 365 Finance & 365 Supply Chain Management. Their division offers users more flexibility to adopt the capabilities they need when you need them. Learn more about the unique benefits of 365 Finance below.

Unique Features of Dynamics 365 Finance

  • Make Better Business Decisions with AI
  • Reduce operational expenses
  • Unify & automate financial processes
  • Decrease financial complexity & risk

Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management

Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations is now two separate applications: 365 Supply Chaing Management & 365 Finance. Their division offers users more flexibility to adopt the capabilities they need when you need them. Learn more about the unique benefits of 365 Supply Chain Management below.

Unique Features of 365 Supply Chain Management

  • Optimize inventory and logistics
  • Resolve product quality issues and accelerate time to market
  • Innovate with intelligent manufacturing operations
  • Maximize asset uptime and lifespan
  • Gain planning agility to fulfill customer demand
  • Build agile manufacturing and distribution processes

Accountable Forms Printer

Do you need a different Sales Invoice for certain transaction types or certain customers? This is the perfect product. Forms Printer promotes seamless interaction between your Dynamics GP application and Crystal Reports® or SQL Server Reporting Services. This gives you total control over your report output options. 


  • Replace Report Writer with better tools
  • Email, Archive, and Print in a variety of formats to a variety of destinations
  • Include data from third party products and customizations
  • Display whole note fields
  • Provide customer and vendor specific reports
  •  Flexible Delivery and Setup Options
  • Tight Integration Forms Printer has a tight integration to a large number of Dynamics® Forms and ships with default templates for each


Avalara is the top ERP add-in for improving sales tax compliance and reducing audit risk. With Avalara, there is no more manual setting up and maintaining complex tax schedules.


  • Affordable pricing: as one of the few state-certified providers for streamlined sales tax (SST).
  • Avalara plugs into the systems and solutions you already use
  • Avalara will push tax updates and keep your tax rates and rules constantly up to date with no effort on the part of your staff

Binary Stream Multi-Entity Management

Multi-Entity Management (MEM) for Microsoft Dynamics GP is a comprehensive solution that addresses multi-company challenges and combines complete visibility with hassle-free transactions across your business units.


  • Eliminate data errors and redundancy by sharing a single master record for customers, vendors, items, fixed assets, & more
  • Centralize the payables and receivables for any number of child/subsidiary entities to reduce potential errors from occurring during transactions
  • Meet your company’s security needs by managing each individual user’s access per entity
  • Include multiple legal entities in a single transaction with proper allocations and reporting
  • Streamline intercompany transactions, and complete the process from end to end within a single instance
  • Create audit-friendly reports across your entire organization and simplify your period-end process
  • Streamline intercompany transactions, and complete the process from end to end within a single database, and easily include multiple legal entities in a single transaction with proper allocations and reporting.
  • Automate intercompany transaction processing across multiple business units.
  • Eliminate redundant tasks with centralized payables and receivables management.
  • Gain complete insight into historical transactions with real-time reports.
  • Gain better insights and remain up-to-date on your performance with real-time flexible reports across all your companies or business units.
  • Manage a single set of master records to ensure data integrity and accuracy.

eOne SmartList Builder

With SmartList Builder, you can now create both brand new SmartLists or modify existing SmartLists. It allows you to link up to 32 tables together. Tables can be standard GP tables, any of the Third Party (ISV) tables, any SQL table, SQL views or SQL Scripts, other SmartLists or Extender resources.


  • Build custom drill-down capabilities for the custom SmartLists that are built
  • Build multi-company reports deployed for all companies no matter the company you are in at the time.
  • Quickly build and deploy Excel Refreshable reports

eOne SmartConnect

SmartConnect is the most robust toolset for integration specific to Dynamics 365, NAV, CRM, GP, Salesforce, and so many more. With SmartConnect, you can now handle complex integration requirements and deliver integrations in the cloud or on-premise.


  • Easily manage your connections to your systems, files, cloud apps, and databases.
  • Data from any source
  • Data from multiple sources
  • Real-Time Data Sources
  • Integrate anywhere.
  • Import/Export to a variety of destinations.
  • Transformations to save formatting time.
  • Schedule integration maps to fit your needs.
  • Use scripting, if you’d like to.
  • Call the SmartConnect Web Service to run a map from any application.

EthoTech Commission Plan

Does your company rely on in-house systems built in Excel to manage variable payments like commissions, rebates, royalties, bonuses, and SPIFFS? These are vital business processes but require tremendous amounts of time, manpower, and often result in expensive errors.


  • Variable rates for various salespeople, customers, & products
  • Automate commissions based on sale, margin, quantity, sales quotas, margin quotas, or tier-based sliding scales
  • Split commissions between reps
  • Track reductions concerning discounts, write-offs, & aging invoices
  • Release commissions when the invoice is posted or paid based on Salesperson
  • Pay automatically through Dynamics GP G/L, Payables, and U.S. Payroll modules
  • Create accrual transactions
  • Automate email commission reports for managerial review & distribute to individual team members


Fraxion is the leading procurement software and prides itself on making it easy to spend less. It offers a user-friendly requisitioning, purchasing, and expense system that’s customizable with dozens of add-ons for a personalized experience. 


  • Automate and simplify purchasing
  • Streamline the submission of expense claims and ensure compliance with corporate policies while simplifying and speeding up reimbursement processes
  • Automate and control the entire accounts payable process, link invoices to orders and requests to approve invoices with ease, and eliminate overpayments and duplicate invoices.
  • Control the entire travel process
  • Analyze spend across all expense types, suppliers and users, view budgets and gauge the impact of spend before it’s incurred
  • Optimize your business processes and spend

Jet Reports

Jet Reports is a powerful Excel-based Business Reporting and Dashboarding tool that lets you access all of your operational data in the format you prefer. That means any report, any format, no matter your location.


  • Eliminate errors
  • Pull any data directly into Excel
  • No manual exporting, no copy and pasting
  • Begin using and building reports immediately. Always have the answers
  • Drill-down on the numbers directly from Excel
  • Access and run reports from anywhere on the web with the Jet Hub Report portability forever
  • Reports seamlessly update with ERP upgrades.
  • Automatically move from one version of Dynamics to the next Cut reporting time and costs.
  • No hard-coding or programming skills required.
  • Reports seamlessly update with ERP upgrades. Never second guess the numbers again.
  • Complete collaboration and publishing platform
  • Feel confident it’s the right data and workbook Get started immediately
  • Built specifically for Microsoft Dynamics with an extensive report library to use out of the box
  • Same day download and installation Created for you.