About Us

Our History

Aisling was founded in 2009 by Jo deRuiter who had been an Accountant and end user working in GP and whose company had transitioned her to a GP Admin role. She found she loved working in Dynamics GP from a technical and functional capacity and decided she wanted to help more companies learn to use this software to its fullest potential. Today we work with end users and other GP Partners who contract with us for our expertise in a number of areas that they do not have staff with experience in.

The founder of Aisling is a Dynamics Communities All-Star in Dynamics GP and sits on the board that writes the tests in order for other consultants and users to become certified in GP and other ERPs. Because of this any consultant wanting to work here at Aisling must pass a series of rigorous tests in order to become part of the team. Think of us as the ERP Special Forces team!

Our Expertise Sets Us Apart

We keep only experts on staff and therefore projects and tasks are done more efficiently and accurately than using a Microsoft Partner that employs ‘levels’ of consultants. Here, you only work with the best. We also work as a true team here with constant monitoring of projects and tasks to ensure your project is receiving the attention it needs, and we use multiple task management and collaboration tools in a remote environment.

Meet Our Founder


Jo Deruiter


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