eOne SmartList Builder

With SmartList Builder, you can now create both brand new SmartLists or modify existing SmartLists. It allows you to link up to 32 tables together. Tables can be standard GP tables, any of the Third Party (ISV) tables, any SQL table, SQL views or SQL Scripts, other SmartLists or Extender resources.

Now you can easily build customer Excel Reports with Excel Report Builder. Excel Report Builder generates an Excel Spreadsheet with a live connection back to GP or any other data you include. This provides you with live refreshable reports, whenever you need them. Additionally, you are able to share your data from GP to anyone in your organization via Excel – without the need for purchasing new, full-user Dynamics GP licenses. 

Features/Benefits of eOne SmartList Builder

Excel Report Builder

  • Create live, refreshable Excel reports from your Dynamics GP data, and then provide the reports to anyone in your organization – without buying new Dynamics GP licenses.

Drill Down Builder

  • Drill from your Excel report back into Dynamics GP to the exact record.
  • You can drill down into any screen or SmartList within Dynamics GP.

Navigation List Builder

  • Put your SmartLists onto the Navigation List user interface.
  • This improves the efficiency of the Navigation Lists and gives the users a place to do ALL their Dynamics GP work in one place.

Reasons To Make A Switch From Current Systems

Build multi-company reports deployed for all companies no matter the company you are in at the time.  Consolidated SmartList reporting is invaluable

Though many software’s, including GP, allow you to build custom reporting, this tool streamlines and eases the process tremendously and allows much more flexibility in the building of the reports.

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