Binary Stream Multi-Entity Management

Multi-Entity Management (MEM) for Microsoft Dynamics GP is a comprehensive solution that addresses multi-company challenges and combines complete visibility with hassle-free transactions across your business units.

MEM helps you make better business decisions with a comprehensive view of your various entities. Its flexibility aids in meeting unique challenges and promotes success regardless of your business’s path to growth.

Features/Benefits of Binary Stream Multi-Entity Management

Consolidated Reporting in Real-Time

  • Stay up-to-date on performance with better insight & real-time flexible reports across all business units
  • Ensure data integrity and accuracy by managing a single set of master records
  • Report across different organizations with real-time data
  • Easily prepare audit-friendly reports for a faster period-end process

Centralized Transaction Processing

  • Complete intercompany transactions from end-t0-end within a single instance
  • Eliminate repetitive jobs with centralized management for payables and receivables
  • Gain total insight into historical transactions with real-time reporting

Security That Scales With Your Business

  • Meet current and future security needs by managing each individual user’s access by organization and role
  • Organize a distinct organizational structure with insight into specific user access levels
  • Centralized management for security roles avoids inconsistencies & errors

Why Switch From Your Current Systems?

Eliminate data errors and redundancy by sharing a single master record for customers, vendors, items, fixed assets, & more

Report across different companies with real-time actionable information and scale your growth with confidence using a robust security setup.

Centralize the payables and receivables for any number of child/subsidiary entities to reduce potential errors from occurring during transactions

Streamline intercompany transactions, and complete the process from end to end within a single database, and easily include multiple legal entities in a single transaction with proper allocations and reporting.

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