Accountable Forms Printer

Do you need a different Sales Invoice for certain transaction types or certain customers? This is the perfect product. Forms Printer promotes seamless interaction between your Dynamics GP application and Crystal Reports® or SQL Server Reporting Services. This gives you total control over your report output options. 

Forms Printer offers delivery options to export, send and save forms and reports with the most flexibility of any product on the market. In other words, set up Forms Printer to decide which forms or reports get printed using a variety of criteria!

Features/Benefits of Accountable Forms Printer

Better Tools Make Report Writer Obsolete

  • Use Crystal Reports or SQL Server Reporting Services to design reports
  • 40 report templates for each reporting tool expedite the process
  • Programable reports provide comparable functionality of having additional formats in GP

Email, Archive, & Print in Various Formats to Various Destinations

  • Use the report printing processes you know best and simultaneously benefit from the several output options available through Crystal Reports® & SSRS
  • Report delivery available in multiple formats including PDF, HTML, Excel, and more
  • Report delivery can set up for automatic emailing, archiving to file, screen, or printer
  • Predefined email delivery with user-defined subject, body, and attachment options

Integrate 3rd Party Data & Customizations

  • Access vital data from any of your 3rd-party systems
  • Generate reports using SQL Views, Stored procedures & other database objects from any source

View Whole Note Fields

  • Access the actual note field on Sales Documents & Purchase Orders
  • Display the whole note from the document header & line items
  • Show the note field for each note, only as large as it needs to be

Flexible Delivery and Setup Options  

  • Automatically email reports as attachments or save to file in various formats, including PDF
  • Get working faster with report templates
  • Eliminate Report Writer complexity, limitations, and maintenance
  • Accomplish better reporting results in a few simple designs rather than the hundreds of reports you would have to maintain in Report Writer.
  • Better reporting results from simple designs as opposed to hundreds of reports maintained in Report Writer
  • Setup options allow customers & vendors to have their own print setup, including unique reports individually

Why Switch From Your Current Systems?

Using SQL Server® Reporting Services or Crystal Reports™ increases your report design flexibillity. Now you can now include ISV application data, complex reporting needs, and even custom report processing. Forms Printer’s integration to key Dynamics® GP reports uses SQL Server® Reporting Services® reports in the same way it enables the use of Crystal Reports™

Forms Printer offers tremendous flexibility options. That means a simpler, faster setup that will have you up and running in minutes. Though it’s easy, it also handles the most sophisticated needs, providing per report format, company, customer, or vendor setup options

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