Dynamics GP

GP goes beyond the traditional limitation of accounting software to provide greater control over financials, inventory, and operation. Microsoft Dynamics GP is the top management solution for small and medium-sized businesses and offers flexible, configurable, and scalable solutions that you can leverage from the start.

GP can be configured to fit any industry and is the single most configurable software available on the market for small and medium-sized businesses.

Features/Benefits of Dynamics GP

Improve Financial Management and Accounting

  • Reduces manual entry and redundant tasks saving time and money
  • Easily generate reports provide a 360 view of your data
  • Seamlessly manage cash, assets, budgets, and banking
  • Build budgets with insightful data that helps you make better business decisions

Inventory Operations & Management Helps Promote Growth

  • Track and manage production, returns & vendors
  • Seamlessly optimize, stock levels and set prices on a customer-by-customer basis
  • Track and attribute the true cost associated with an item
  • Purchase orders are generated automatically

Human Resources and Payroll

  • Hire, train, and pay your team with the help of complete employee profiles and evaluation tools. Track top talent, customize hiring processes, scheduling
  • Automate payroll processing, handle complex payroll requirements, and reduce overhead costs
  • Give employees the ability to update their personal information, enter PTO requests, and more
  • Business Intelligence and Reporting

Why Switch to Dynamics GP?

Microsoft Dynamics GP offers flexible deployment options with both cloud-hosted and on-premise capabilities, integrates with top applications, and includes core functionality you need to scale your business.

GP already works with your favorite productivity tools and offers an intuitive user experience that reduces downtime from training and acclimation. With Microsoft Dynamics GP, you’ll be up and running with better, actionable data in no time.

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