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Dynamics GP In the 21st Century!

• Jul 20, 2020

Are you one of the dedicated Microsoft Dynamics GP Clients that really want to keep Dynamics GP because of it’s awesome capabilities, but also wants to bring your Dynamics into the 21st Century by using the latest and greatest Microsoft offerings?

If you have Office 365 then you are in luck!

There is so much functionality in Dynamics GP with Power Apps and Flows as well as Power BI Reporting that your jaw would drop with what you can do with no additional software costs!

Ever wanted to submit a PO from your phone in the field and get it approved and into GP in just a few clicks?  Yep, that is possible!

Would you like to get your Invoices scanned on your phone and attached in Dynamics GP as backup along with approvals routings and integrations right into GP for payment? That’s correct!  We can do that with no additional software costs!

Want to deploy Power BI Reports to external users out in the field to assist in better decision making? Right again!

The awesome functionality with PowerApps and Flow is your with Office 365 and can easily be configured to use with your On-Premise Dynamics GP!

Shoot us an email if you’d like more information on how to use ALL of the functionality you are already paying for to optimize your Dynamics GP and get it into the 21st Century!

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