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How Important is Training in Dynamics GP?

• Jul 21, 2020

Why Should We Be Concerned With Training?

We find over and over again that existing companies, particularly those who have been on Dynamics GP or other ERP products for many years end up not setting up adequate trainings for new users or updating trainings for their existing users.

This can negatively impact your investment in Dynamics GP.  As with all other things, ERPs evolve and become better and add newer and newer functionality and technology to keep abreast of the changing technologies and work habits of the world.

GP is no different, there are so many modules that are now part of the pricing plan for Dynamics GP and many companies that already owned GP and have consistently upgraded year after year may not even be aware of this functionality!  Below is a list of the modules you have available to you in Dynamics GP now!  It’s an awesome amount of capability that can cut down on your accounting teams frustrations!  These types of optimizations are vital to keeping your team working safely and even can optimize the remote-working capabilities in GP!

Your partner should be updating you and suggesting regular trainings on new features, but let’s also discuss keeping your team, even new team members trained on how to use Dynamics GP to its fullest extent and to assist in their understanding of why they need to perform the actions they need to perform in GP for it to report correctly!  We have found that even data-entry clerks are happier knowing that their efforts to “do things right in GP” are well worth it!  A good trainer and partner understands this!

How to Evolve Your Training in GP

Keeping users trained and up to date on how GP’s functioning is a great way to boost morale and to boost the final data that GP produces!  However, training methods are also of vital importance and have also evolved.

How can training methods evolve for your company?  As you may know, GP is an extremely configurable and personalizable software.  As such we find that no two companies really use it the same as any other company.  Many of you have kept detailed manuals on ‘how to do things in GP for our company’ and accounting processes written in manuals, but if a new hire just needs to void and re-issue a check in GP they no longer want to look through a manual to get to the answer!

The new trend is personalized training videos searchable by topic.  These videos can be done quite easily and most of you who have Office 365 now have a secure Stream application in which to store videos that can be published on Sharepoint sites.  A quick 2 minute video searchable by ‘How to void an invoice in GP’ can speed up and make accurate your new employees entries into Dynamics GP.  Video Tutorials are all the rage and have evolved even in our personal lives into the ‘manuals’ we use on how to operate anything!

With Remote capabilities for interactions on trainings, no one has to come to your location to train your users any longer!  Remote trainings can be done quite easily with a number of learning tools available in the tech industry today!

Would You Like to Learn More?

If you are interested in assistance with training your team or helping to create a customized library of how-to videos for your company or even learning about the modules you already own but may not have known about, please feel free to follow this link to setup a free introductory meeting or a pre-paid, non-contract training done by our award-winning training staff with your users!

Here are all the modules you currently own in GP!  If you are not using this functionality, setup a training or discussion with us about it and we’ll be happy to point you in the direction of how to get started on it!