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Microsoft introduced Power Fx a new low-code language for the Power Apps Suite!

• Mar 3, 2021
Microsoft launches Power Fx, a new open source low-code language!

Yesterday at Ignite, Microsoft introduced Microsoft Power Fx, a new low-code programming language for the Power Apps Suite!

This new code tools will be a bit like Excel formulas and will become the normal language for writing customizations using logic across the entire Microsoft low-code Power Platform!

It will appear first in Power Automate and Power Virtual Agents, but will show up in later updates on all of the Power Platform!

You’ll be able to use it in the formula bar of products like the Power Apps Studio, but will also be available in the Visual Studio Code where you will be able to use the new Power Fx to save time and build complex applications.

The new code will be declarative and instantly recalculate as developers update their code, much like Excel Formulas work.

Check out Microsoft’s post about the new language HERE

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