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#GPLIVES! That’s Right Dynamics GP is Here to Stay as Microsoft Publishes the Newest RoadMap!

• Jul 13, 2021
Dynamics GP Roadmap 2021 to 2028

On July 8th 2021 Microsoft published the newest RoadMap for Dynamics GP which extends beyond 2028!! They have made it clear that GP is in no way ‘going away’ as many sales-people and marketing folks in the Microsoft Hemisphere would have you believe! So if you are on Dynamics GP, you do NOT have to move to Dynamics 365 anytime soon.

That said, I highly recommend looking at the Dynamics 365 products as they ARE updated well for today’s cloud and low-code no-code environments.

Back to GP! Why is it sticking around? User Support, that is how. GP is a highly respected, accurate and reliable on-premise software that its users LOVE! How do we know? Microsoft gives all users (and partners) the opportunity to provide both feedback and suggestions for improvements to the software, if you want to you can submit a suggestion to make GP better or simply to provide the feedback you’d like.

All this is great news, but be prepared as operating systems and Windows upgrades along with other factors may require you to upgrade your Dynamics GP Instance. If you are on any version of GP earlier than GP 2018 then the Mainstream support is over. That simply means that there will be no further updates (other than the latest one published in June 2021-more about that here). The annual and semi-annual updates are important for updated code around Taxes, Fixed Assets and other governing laws such as 1099s. But the single most important reason for the updates are if you are using GP’s Payroll module as payroll rules and regulations must be kept updated for both you and your employees. So, if you use Fixed Assets, Payroll or any other functionality that would require updated code for calculation then you MUST stay current on versions.

For any GP Version Earlier than GP2013 you are out of even the Extended Microsoft support. Here is a listing of when the main-stream and extended support end for the earlier versions.

Microsoft Mainstream and Extended Support termination dates

This is great news for all customers running Dynamics GP, one of the best rated ERP software’s on the market! So, don’t be distracted or alarmed by marketing pushes or salespeople who know THEY make more with the cloud softwares!