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An Introduction to Power Apps

New to Power Apps?

Introduction to Power Apps

Supporting systems should provide the exact workflow that best suits the business where it resides – this is software canon. While customization is well-known and accepted, small and medium-sized businesses need the ability to easily create and bridge workflows without huge price tags attached to the project. Instead, here is an introduction to Power Apps.

Creating cost-effective custom workflows is where Microsoft Power Apps comes to save the day! Don’t let the name intimidate you. Power Apps is a low-code application development platform that empowers you to build web and mobile apps that solve specific business problems. Essentially, building Power Apps is easy to learn, quick to pick up, and a great problem solver!

Curious About What Power Apps Can Help You Solve?

Sounds pretty good, right? It solves problems and doesn’t cost a lot. It’s a great theory! But what can Power Apps actually do?

  • SMBs often face technical debt. Power Apps enable the building of custom applications quickly and without writing code. Because codes interact – and a broken code can cause big problems.
  • Getting from Point A to Point B is easy enough, but unique challenges can require integration 1st party solutions with 3rd party solutions. Power Apps can do that! Scale faster and save time and money by leveraging your existing partner support rather than corralling three or four companies together.
  • Again, custom applications are great, but they hit the budget hard, are often complicated, and the demand puts a strain on IT’s delivery capacity. Power Apps connect with 350+ data sources and services to easily integrate and build apps that make for quick solutions. Plus, it allows pro developers to extend existing capabilities, increase productivity, and reduce bottlenecks.
  • Don’t forget security! SMBs want easy-to-use and straightforward solutions without sacrificing security provisions. Power Apps integrate naturally and even provide admin controls with enterprise-grade security and governance for protection.

And don’t worry, the brilliant thing about Power Apps is Aisling Dynamics can help you with them! We understand not every business can carve out the time to learning and creating Power Apps. So we’re here to help in the learning process, and we’re also here to help build them for you in a cost-effective way.

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