Intercompany Journal Entries-Dynamics Business Central

Let’s go through Intercompany Journal Entries-Dynamics Business Central. I have two companies open here Cronos sample company and Cronos USA division two they are related entities that often have intercompany set up between them in the intercompany set up let’s talk about how intercompany setups working a little bit so an intercompany setup Cronos you…

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New Features for Jobs-Now Projects-In BC Release Wave 1 2024

Jobs Renamed Projects

Microsoft has made major improvements to the Jobs module in the current version of Dynamics 365 Business Central. The module has been renamed as “Projects.” This article will examine the reasoning behind the rebranding and reveal the improvements and features that come with the Projects module in the most recent release of Dynamics 365 Business…

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Best Practices and Tips and Tricks for Filtering Data in Business Central

Searching and filtering data in Business Central

Users of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central have multiple options for filtering data on the page. This article will demonstrate several methods for Business Central data filtering along with wildcards for great search results, reconciling and researching. Don’t forget to bookmark these treasures for later reference. In this article we look at best practices and…

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How to Perform a Bank Reconciliation in Business Central

Bank Reconciliation in Business Central

Let’s learn how to perform a bank reconciliation in Dynamics Business Central. Bank reconciliation is a critical aspect of business accounting, helping you to ensure that your bank statement matches the transactions recorded in your accounting system. Performing regular bank reconciliations in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central can help you stay on top of your…

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Business Central Works in Teams!!

Business Central works with many of your Microsoft Applications, here we review how it interacts with Teams! You can use it to add customers, vendors, Time Entry, Inventory! You name it! If the user has the permissions, even Team Member permissions they can add this wonderful app to Teams! Learn more about how to ensure…

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Business Central Configuration Packages are Not Just for Implementations! Use Them To Correct Table Issues!

Business Central Error Statement Line No. must be equal

Business Central Configuration Packages are Not Just for Implementations! Use Them To Correct Table Issues! Configuration Packages are a useful tool that all implementers of Business Central have used for implementation. But they are so much more useful than that! You can use BC Configuration Packages to repair data when an error encroaches on normal…

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